For a company to truly make a difference to the environment, it has to start from the beginning.

From its inception in 1991, Vitesse has strived to “be green” with a genuine desire to be environmentally friendly and to do more than just make money.

By being the largest manufacturer and distributor or recycled cartridges across the UK, and aided by Laser Life (our sister company) who provide total nationwide printer maintenance cover as well as multifunction device contracts, our company demonstrates a true commitment to the environmental issues faced by business today.

The Vitesse policy in the environmental arena is ……..More than office products.

As the only major UK toner cartridge remanufacture and an independent computer hardware, IT consumables and stationery supplier, Vitesse Plc is aware of its impact on the environment and ensures that it minimises its effect at all times.


Vitesse Plc has establish an Environmental Policy as follow:

  • Asses the envirnomental consequences prior to undertaking research and manufacture of any new products.
  • Implement whatever measure are necessary to minimise or emliminate pollution inthe production process.
  • Carry out regular monitoring procedures to ensure the company's environmental policy is being adhered to.
  • Undertake and ensure employees at all levels are protected against any envrionmental issues that may arise.
  • Furnish neighbouring business and residents and the public in general with the relevant environmental information so that they understand the impact of those activities.
  • Undertake and promote the use of environmental friendls products wherever possible throughout the Vitesse PLC organisation.
  • Underake and assess all oppurtunites for environmental saving through Vitesse Plc's premises.