Please see below for our full range of hand made remanufactured cartirdges.  Covering both mono and colour HP printers.  If you can not see your model number listed please call us on 0207 357 7888 and speak with sales to see if we can help.


HP Mono Printer HP Code  Code Vit Code
LaserJet P1002/P1100/P1102/M1132/M1212 HPCE285A CE285A V85A
LaserJet P1005/P1006/P1107/P1008 HPCB435A CB435A V35A
LaserJet 1010/1012/1018/1022/3052/3055/M1005 HPQ2612A Q2612A V12A
LaserJet 1100 HPC4092A C4092A V92A
LaserJet 1200/1220/3300/3320 Standard HPC7115A C7115A V15A
LaserJet 1200/1220/3300/3320 High HPC7115X C7115X V15J
LaserJet 1300 High HPQ2613X Q2613X V13J
LaserJet 1160/1320 Standard HPQ5949A Q5949A V49A
LaserJet 1320 High HPQ5949X Q5949X V49X
LaserJet P1505/M1120/M1522 HPCB436A CB436A V36A
LaserJet P1606/P1566/M1536 HPCE278A CE278A V78A
LaserJet P2015/P2014/M2727 Standard  HPQ7553A Q7553A V53A
LaserJet P2015/M2727 High HPQ7553X Q7553X V53X
LaserJet P2035/P2055 Standard HPCE505A CE505A V05A
LaserJet P2055 High HPCE505X CE505X V05X
LaserJet 2100/2200 HPC4096A C4096A V96A
LaserJet 2300 HPQ2610A Q2610A V10A
LaserJet 2400/2420/2430 Standard  HPQ6511A Q6511A V11A
LaserJet 2400/2420/2430 High HPQ6511X Q6511X V11X
LaserJet P3005/M3027/M3035 Standard HPQ7551A Q7551A V51A
LaserJet P3005/M3027/M3035 High HPQ7551X Q7551X V51X
LaserJet P3015/M521/M525 Standard  HPCE255A CE255A V55A
LaserJet P3015/M521/M525 High HPCE255X CE255X V55X
LaserJet M401/M425 Standard HPCF280A CF280A V80A
LaserJet M401/M425 High HPCF280X CF280X V80X
LaserJet M402/M426 Standard HPCF226A CF226A V26A
LaserJet M402/M426 High HPCF226X CF226X V26X
LaserJet 4/4+/4m/4n/5/5m/5n HP92298A 92298A VEX
LaserJet 4000/4050 High HPC4127X C4127X V27X
LaserJet P4014/P4015/P4515 Standard HPCC364A CC364A V64A
LaserJet P4015/P4515 High HPCC364X CC364X V64X
LaserJet 4100/4150 High HPC8061X C8061X V61X
LaserJet 4200 HPQ1338A Q1338A V38A
LaserJet 4250/4350 High HPQ5942X Q5942X V42X
LaserJet 4300 HPQ1339A Q1339A V39A
LaserJet M4345 HPQ5945A Q5945A V45A
LaserJet M501/M506/M527 Standard HPCF287A CF287A V87A
LaserJet M501/M506/M527 High HPCF287X CF287X V87X
LaserJet 5000/5100 HPC4129X C4129X V29X
LaserJet 5025/5035 MFP HPQ7570A Q7570A V70A
LaserJet 5200 HPQ7516A Q7516A V16A
LaserJet 5L/6L HPC3906A C3906A VAX
LaserJet 5P/6P HPC3903A C3903A VVX
LaserJet 5si/8000 HPC3909A C3909A VWX
LaserJet M601/M602/M603 Standard HPCE390A CE390A V90A
LaserJet M602/M603/M4555 High HPCE390X CE390X V90X
LaserJet M604/M605/M606/M630 Standard HPCF281A CF281A V81A
LaserJet M605/M606/M630 High HPCF281X CF281X V81X
LaserJet 8100/8150 HPC4182X C4182X V82X
HP Colour Printer HP Code  Code Vit Code
Colour LaserJet 2600/2605/CM1015/CM1017 Black HPQ6000A Q6000A V26B
Colour LaserJet 2600/2605/CM1015/CM1017 Cyan HPQ6001A Q6001A V26C
Colour LaserJet 2600/2605/CM1015/CM1017 Magenta HPQ6003A Q6003A V26M
Colour LaserJet 2600/2605/CM1015/CM1017 Yellow HPQ6002A Q6002A V26Y
Colour LaserJet 3800/CP3505 Black HPQ6470A Q6470A V36-38B
Colour LaserJet 3800/CP3505 Cyan HPQ7581A Q7581A V38C
Colour LaserJet 3800/CP3505 Magenta HPQ7583A Q7583A V38M
Colour LaserJet 3800/CP3505 Yellow HPQ7582A Q7582A V38Y
Colour LaserJet 4600/4650 Black HPC9720A C9720A V46B
Colour LaserJet 4600/4650 Cyan HPC9721A C9721A V46C
Colour LaserJet 4600/4650 Magenta HPC9723A C9723A V46M
Colour LaserJet 4600/4650 Yellow HPC9722A C9722A V46Y
Colour LaserJet 4700 Black HPQ5950A Q5950A V47B
Colour LaserJet 4700 Cyan HPQ5951A Q5951A V47C
Colour LaserJet 4700 Magenta HPQ5953A Q5953A V47M
Colour LaserJet 4700 Yellow HPQ5952A Q5952A V47Y
Colour LaserJet 3600 Black HPQ6470A Q6470A V36-38B
Colour LaserJet 3600 Cyan HPQ6471A Q6471A V36C
Colour LaserJet 3600 Magenta HPQ6473A Q6473A V36M
Colour LaserJet 3600 Yellow HPQ6472A Q6472A V36Y
Colour LaserJet CP1215/CP1515/CM1312 Black HPCB540A CB540A VCB540A
Colour LaserJet CP1215/CP1515/CM1312 Cyan HPCB541A CB541A VCB541A
Colour LaserJet CP1215/CP1515/CM1312 Magenta HPCB543A CB543A VCB543A
Colour LaserJet CP1215/CP1515/CM1312 Yellow HPCB542A CB542A VCB542A
Colour LaserJet CP2025/CM2320 Black HPCC530A CC530A VCC530A
Colour LaserJet CP2025/CM2320 Cyan HPCC531A CC531A VCC531A
Colour LaserJet CP2025/CM2320 Magenta HPCC533A CC533A VCC533A
Colour LaserJet CP2025/CM2320 Yellow HPCC532A CC532A VCC532A
Colour LaserJet CP3525/CM3530 Black Standard HPCE250A CE250A VCE250B
Colour LaserJet CP3525/CM3530 Black High HPCE250X CE250X VCE250BX
Colour LaserJet CP3525/CM3530 Cyan HPCE251A CE251A VCE251C
Colour LaserJet CP3525/CM3530 Magenta HPCE253A CE253A VCE253M
Colour LaserJet CP3525/CM3530 Yellow HPCE252A CE252A VCE252Y
Colour LaserJet CP3525/CM3530 Black Standard      
Colour LaserJet CP4025/4525 Black Standard HPCE260A CE260A VCE260B
Colour LaserJet CP4525 Black High HPCE260X CE260X VCE260BX
Colour LaserJet CP4025/4525 Cyan HPCE261A CE261A VCE261C
Colour LaserJet CP4025/4525 Magenta HPCE263A CE263A VCE263M
Colour LaserJet CP4025/4525 Yellow HPCE262A CE262A VCE262Y
Colour LaserJet CP4025/4525 Black Standard      
Colour LaserJet CP4005 Black HPCB400A CB400A VCB400A
Colour LaserJet CP4005 Cyan HPCB401A CB401A VCB401A
Colour LaserJet CP4005 Magenta HPCB403A CB403A VCB403A
Colour LaserJet CP4005 Yellow HPCB402A CB402A VCB402A
Colour LaserJet CP4025/4525 Black Standard      
Colour LaserJet CP1025/CP1028/M175/M275 Black HPCE310A CE310A VCE310A
Colour LaserJet CP1025/CP1028/M175/M275 Cyan HPCE311A CE311A VCE311A
Colour LaserJet CP1025/CP1028/M175/M275 Magenta HPCE313A CE313A VCE313A
Colour LaserJet CP1025/CP1028/M175/M275 Yellow HPCE312A CE312A VCE312A
Colour LaserJet M551/M575 Black Standard HPCE400A CE400A VCE400A
Colour LaserJet M551/M575 Black High HPCE400X CE400X VCE400X
Colour LaserJet M551/M575 Cyan HPCE401A CE401A VCE401A
Colour LaserJet M551/M575 Magenta HPCE403A CE403A VCE403A
Colour LaserJet M551/M575 Yellow HPCE402A CE402A VCE402A
Colour LaserJet M551/M575 Black Standard      
Colour LaserJet M351/M451/M475 Black Standard HPCE410A CE410A VCE410A
Colour LaserJet M351/M451/M475 Black High HPCE410X CE410X VCE410X
Colour LaserJet M351/M451/M475 Cyan HPCE411A CE411A VCE411A
Colour LaserJet M351/M451/M475 Magenta HPCE413A CE413A VCE413A
Colour LaserJet M351/M451/M475 Yellow HPCE412A CE412A VCE412A
Colour LaserJet M351/M451/M475 Black Standard      
Colour LaserJet M251/M276 Black High HPCF210X CF210X VCF210X
Colour LaserJet M251/M276 Cyan HPCF211A CF211A VCF211A
Colour LaserJet M251/M276 Magenta HPCF213A CF213A VCF213A
Colour LaserJet M251/M276 Yellow HPCF212A CF212A VCF212A
Colour LaserJet M553/M577 Black High HPCF360X CF360X VCF360X
Colour LaserJet M553/M577 Cyan High HPCF361X CF361X VCF361X
Colour LaserJet M553/M577 Magenta High HPCF363X CF363X VCF363X
Colour LaserJet M553/M577 Yellow High HPCF362X CF362X VCF362X
Colour LaserJet M553/M577 Cyan High      
Colour LaserJet M252/M274/M277 Black High HPCF400X CF400X VCF400X
Colour LaserJet M252/M274/M277 Cyan High HPCF401X CF401X VCF401X
Colour LaserJet M252/M274/M277 Magenta High HPCF403X CF403X VCF403X
Colour LaserJet M252/M274/M277 Yellow High HPCF402X CF402X VCF402X
Colour LaserJet M252/M274/M277 Cyan High      
Colour LaserJet M377/M452/M477 Black Standard HPCF410A CF410A VCF410A
Colour LaserJet M377/M452/M477 Black High HPCF410X CF410X VCF410X
Colour LaserJet M377/M452/M477 Cyan Standard HPCF411A CF411A VCF411A
Colour LaserJet M377/M452/M477 Cyan High HPCF411X CF411X VCF411X
Colour LaserJet M377/M452/M477 Magenta Standard HPCF413A CF413A VCF413A
Colour LaserJet M377/M452/M477 Magenta High HPCF413X CF413X VCF413X
Colour LaserJet M377/M452/M477 Yellow Standard HPCF412A CF412A VCF412A
Colour LaserJet M377/M452/M477 Yellow High HPCF412X CF412X VCF412X